Remember me?

Hello girls!

As you probably know by now, we’re dealing with autobiography, biography and memoir this week. We’re going to be delving into the various aspects that define these different genres. I was very pleased to hear the opening to your autobiographies! You all already seem to gave an excellent idea about how autobiography blends prose and subjective experience.

In our next lesson we’re going to be looking more closely at these genres and their particular characteristics. For now, I’d like you to do some Googling. In the comments below, could you post the title and subject matter of some famous examples of biography, autobiography and memoirs?

For example, today in class Rudo mentioned¬†A Long Walk to Freedom,¬†Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, which details his coming of age, education and imprisonment on Robben Island. I’d like to see you all looking for some famous examples to illustrate our theoretical understanding.

I’ll see you all on Wednesday!


Ms Roberts