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Hello girls!

As you probably know by now, we’re dealing with autobiography, biography and memoir this week. We’re going to be delving into the various aspects that define these different genres. I was very pleased to hear the opening to your autobiographies! You all already seem to gave an excellent idea about how autobiography blends prose and subjective experience.

In our next lesson we’re going to be looking more closely at these genres and their particular characteristics. For now, I’d like you to do some Googling. In the comments below, could you post the title and subject matter of some famous examples of biography, autobiography and memoirs?

For example, today in class Rudo mentioned A Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, which details his coming of age, education and imprisonment on Robben Island. I’d like to see you all looking for some famous examples to illustrate our theoretical understanding.

I’ll see you all on Wednesday!


Ms Roberts




  1. Memoir :Dreams from my Father by Barack Obama.
    Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance is a memoir by Barack Obama, who was elected as U.S. President in 2008. It explores events of his early years up until his entry into law school in 1988.

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  2. Here, in an exclusive extract from her new autobiography Jessica Ennis: Unbelievable – From My Childhood Dreams to Winning Olympic Gold, she describes how she beat the bullies – and ended up meeting David Beckham.
    “I am crying. I am a Sheffield schoolgirl writing in her diary about the bullies awaiting me tomorrow.
    They stand menacingly by the gates and lurk unseen in my head, mocking my size and status.
    They make a small girl shrink, and I feel insecure and frightened.
    I pour the feelings out into words on the page, as if exposing them in some way will help, but nobody sees my diary.
    It is kept in my room as a hidden tale of hurt.
    Fast forward two decades and I am crying again. I am standing in a cavernous arena in London.
    Suddenly, the pain and suffering and frustration give way to a flood of overwhelming emotion.
    In the middle of this enormous arena I feel smaller than ever, but I puff out my chest, look to the flag and stand tall.
    It has been a long and winding road from the streets of Sheffield to the tunnel that feeds into the Olympic Stadium like an artery.”

    Biography : Queen Elizabeth II: Her Life in Our Times reveals how Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip made this “fairy-tale princess” blissfully happy.
    “SPECULATION about a suitable husband for the King’s daughter gathered momentum when Princess Elizabeth – shy, dutiful and beautiful – reached her 18th birthday. Rumours centred on three aristocrats – Charles Fitzroy, son of the Duke of Grafton; Johnny Dalkeith, son of the Duke of Buccleuch, and Charles Manners, Duke of Rutland. All had aristocratic backgrounds as rich landowners, all were officers in her beloved Grenadier Guards, and all had stately homes (Buccleuch had five). They were jokingly known as her “flirts”; she enjoyed dancing with them, but as far as marriage was concerned, she had a different man in mind.”



  3. Biography of Princess Diana and it most of her life; when she was born, marriage and divorce, her children, many of the things she did before she and when and how she died in 1997.



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