Good Dog.

Guest Post by Jess

Good afternoon all.

Today, I would like you all to read this amazing extract I have taken from a spectacular book called “A Dogs Purpose”, written by W. Bruce Cameron and later on becoming a movie.

-I was a good dog. I had fulfilled my purpose. Lessons I had learned from being feral had taught me how to escape and how to hide from people when it was necessary, scavenging for food from trash containers. Being with Ethan had taught me love and had taught me my most important purpose, which was taking care of my boy. Jakob and Maya had taught me Find, Show, and, most important of all, how to save people, and it was all of these things, everything I had learned as a dog, that had led me to find Ethan and Hannah and to bring them both together. I understood it now, why I had lived so many times. I had to learn a lot of important skills and lessons, so that when the time came I could rescue Ethan, not from the pond but from the sinking despair of his own life. –

-Humans were capable of so many amazing things, but too often they just sat making words, not doing anything.-

What can you say about the way In which the language and the tone tie into the title of the book?



  1. I could say that the tone used here sounds humorous because one would not say that this is actually a dog speaking! The words used here are wise and i don’t know if I am correct but it is as if personification has been used. I say personification has been used because this dog is actually giving some pretty much wise words. So in this case it is as if the dog is human but it actually is a dog! Past tense is used because there is a part when the dog says ” I was a good dog” so that “was” shows past tense because if it was present tense it would have said “I am a good dog”

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  2. The language is accessible which adds to the effect of it being an animal and the perception by humans that dogs are simple creatures who just want to live and do their duty of taking care of their masters and loyalty. His listing is mechanical, again giving the impression of someone with a vast life experience and a repertoir of skills.

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  3. This extract uses personification as the dog is speaking about his experiences. The vocab used is very accessible which shows that it was the dog speaking.In the extract the dog is painted as a good dog as he rescued people. It is very wise as it tells you indirectly how to live your life. The tone used is very calm as the dog is appreciating all the things he has learnt and his life.

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  4. I like this extract. The language used is personification as the dog is explaining to us the experiences he had. I like the way the it also gives us the feeling of being the animal. This dog is also advising us on how dogs are loyal to their owners and can do what ever it takes to please them. the tone is very calm and subtle.

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