How now?

Hi All

Welcome to Week 3! The term is hurtling towards Mid Year Exams, so I hope you’e all rolling up your sleeves, getting out the dustpans and grass brooms of focus and determination and crouching down to sweep up the pearls of wisdom that drop from the air around our classroom discussions and onto the pages of your notebooks.

Or something.

Did you find that funny? Probably not. Did you have to go read it again to see if there was anything that warranted a snort of weak amusement? No?

I think perhaps, as we’ll discuss this week, it’s quite difficult to say why something is funny or not. It’s possibly even more difficult to be funny in our own writing. Sense of humour, as we all know, is somewhat subjective.

Tying up with our discussion of serialised newspaper columns, I would like you to go follow these links and read some of the articles by Guy Browning on The Guardian. He is a writer and humourist, and author of a series of short “How to…” articles about things that probably don’t need to be explained.

How to be Clumsy:

How to Have a Takeaway:

How to do Chores:

and, my personal favourite: How to Lick:

We’re going to talk a bit more in class about humour in writing, and maybe think about how writers (Like Bill Bryson, and the very panicky lady from our latest Past Paper, for example) cultivate a jocular or comedic tone.

In the comments below, can you think of titles for any other potentially funny “How to” articles? For example: “How to pass your Drivers Test in Bulawayo”
“How to be in Lower Sixth”
“How to become a prefect at GC”
“How to Slide into the DMs”

See you tomorrow!




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