Sticks and Stones

Hello Class!

I hope your week has got off to a magnificent start. Let’s hope that this week will be less tiring that all its predecessors. 😉

Today in class we started talking about Point of View and how writers use it to develop a sense of both an interior world of a character as well as how they are perceived by other characters. On Wednesday, we’ll look at a past paper and discuss its use of point of view and how to tackle a writing task that asks you to develop an alternative point of view yourself.

Point of View often “inhabits” the mind of a character and reports their observations and feelings about what they experience. As a warm up task to this week’s lesson content, I want you to make a list of words that replace “said” and words that replace “saw”.  There are quite a few when you get started!

In the comments below, I want you to design a piece of gossip using the words from these lists. DO NOT use “said” or “saw”.
For example:
“Rudo attested that she observed Dani twerking at the CBC Valentine’s Day Dance.”
“Michelle claimed that Jess is also friends with sticks.”
“I witnessed Nobandile eat a piece of pizza she found on the floor.”

Go ahead, gossip.






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