Welcome Back!

Hi all!

Welcome to Term Two, a term as long and daunting as a Westerosi winter.
I hope that we’re going to have a enriching term as we continue to grapple with the strange monster of AS Language. I’m also hopeful that the blog will continue to be a useful tool to broaden our literary horizons, as well as a forum for your own writing and ideas.

Here is the blog schedule for this term! I look forward to reading through your thoughts and observations.


Ms Roberts



Dube, Nosizwe 17th May  
2 Gambakwe,, Tanatswa 19th May  
3 Gumbo, Michelle 24th May  
4 Mawovera,Tadiwanashe 26th May  
5 McAllister, Jessica 31st May  
6 Mgumi, Nobandile 2nd June  
7 Munanzwi, Rebecca 7th June  
8 Musarurwa, Rudo 9th June  
9 Nel, Cameron, 14th June  
10 Ngwenga, Tsepile 16th June  
11 Shaw, Danielle 19th July  
12 Victor, Charmaine 26th July  


  1. Morning Miss Roberts Hope you had a great holiday. Are we still posting anything we want or now there is something we must follow?

    Miss N.P Dube




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