On your marks…

Hi Ladies of the College

Here are your blog grades, as promised.

If you commented on the blog, but used a code name, I wasn’t able to attribute that comment to you.
If you emailed me a blog post with a code name/someone else’s name/without stating who you were, I wasn’t able to attribute that blog post to you.
If you commented frequently, but did not post a blog post, you were graded negatively.
I also took into account the quality of your contribution/spelling/thoughtfulness etc
Grades are out of ten.

Nosizwe: 6
Tanatswa: 5
Michelle: 1
Tadiwa: 1
Jess: 9
Nobandile: 9
Rebecca:  0
Rudo: 5
Cameron: 10
Tsepile: 5
Danielle: 10
Nothixo: 3
Charmaine: 0

I’m really hoping we can take our blog further next term. Well done on all the comments and posts so far. You all are writing with a keen critical eye, which is both impressive and exciting. I look forward to reading more!

Have a great holiday!

Ms Roberts


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