“Social Media – Life of a Teen”

Guest Post by Rudo

“Every day I go on Facebook to check on my wall,
I just stare and wonder if I even know you people at all.
I go on Twitter to tweet a tweet,
then on Instagram to share a random picture of my feet.

I post just about the most ridiculous things, including what I wear and what I eat.
I can’t stand my page being blank and white, so I come up with a funny story, whenever I can’t think of anything else to write.
If I’m really bored I might check out someone else’s page instead,
to post a rude comment about something they said.
I don’t hang out with a lot of friends,
but according to the internet, I have over a hundred and ten!
This is everyone’s routine day by day,
as we check posts, and secretly call each other names as we pass in the hallway.
We no longer have genuine compassion; instead we get straight to the point,
something I like to call bashing.
We think it’s normal to yell “Amy’s having a baby and Mark is going crazy!”
Texting is another great hobby,
I just got a message calling Amy a slut,
and Mark’s girlfriend a complete nut.
We call this our way to connect,
but society is turning into a wreck.
Social media helps us to keep in touch,
but I think it’s the reason we haven’t slept much.
Sometimes I stay on my phone till 4 in the morning,
but who needs sleep anyways? That’s boring!
The internet is such a time consumer.
Its fast pace has even caught up to the late bloomers.
I think I’m going crazy; I can hardly go a day.
I wonder if other people are this way.
It’s such a distraction while I’m supposed to be doing homework.
But keeping up with all these statuses is already enough work.
You can find EVERYONE on Facebook!
From aunts to uncles and about a million girls named Brook.
Some people write about the most interesting things,
Including their relationships which have no strings.
Reminds me of Anita, So easy to please, seems charming and wise,
but easy for all the guys.
Meanwhile, Sammy is bullied until she sits there and cries.
Our eyes are glued to the screens that only causes affliction,
Welcome to social media, the world’s latest greatest addiction.”
Copyright © natasha ann | Year Posted 2013

I decided to look for a poem on social media because, recently, we have talking about social media in class and I thought this could help us.😁”



  1. I think this is lovely Rudo. I especially like the fact that it is a poem! The writters purpose is to make people think about how obsessed they actually are with social media, in the way that perhaps they are missing out on all the most important things in life because their eyea are glued to their cell phones (Just like im doing right now). I do believe that the language used to make this extract was very rhythmical, making it more enthusiastic and funny to read, which may also bring an element of not being serious. Overall, the style inwhich the extract was written in could be taken either lightly or very seriously.

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  2. I really enjoyed this extract, thank you Rudo. I love the way to use this rhyme to draw in the reader. To me it makes it seem a little more informal which makes it easier for people to read. The poem seems quite sarcastic in some places, for example, “but who needs sleep anyways? That’s boring!” By using this, it can help readers realize how little they sleep and how social media is really affecting them. But, it also shows advantages of social media and how you can find anyone on Facebook. 10 kids and disadvantages that should be avoided

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  3. Sorry I wasn’t meant to send that.. The last line is meant to read – then it gives disadvantages that should be avoided.



  4. Very interesting poem Rudo. I think the writer has higlighted som very important points in our lives as 21st century teenagers. The writer has praised and damned social media all at once by saying with social media, “you can find everyone on Facebook” for the positive effects, it helps us interact with people we might not have seen in a very long time, and we get to celebrate with people who are not with us at that moment as well as share the little things we experience in our lives with family and friends. However we become so absorbed in social networking and the superficial cyberworld that we forget about reality. We sometimes experiance detachment from those around us and tend to talk to our cyber friends who might be thousands of miles away from where we are. We slander anything we don’t like,sometimes with no justification, without considering other people and their feeelings.

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  5. This poem gave me goosebumps! It’s very relatable and connects with most of society. The poem has a nice rhythm, making it easier to read. It’s very deep and makes the reader express emotions because it is so relatable. The words used are accessible. The writers purpose is to open the eyes of the reader to the fact that our lives revolve around social media.

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