London Calling

Guest Post by Nobandile
Featured Image by Jenny Leonard.

London for me at least, is awesome, literally. Whenever I walk past the Houses of Parliament in Westminster (and the iconic Big Ben especially when it chimes) I have to stop and stare for a moment, no matter the rush I may be in.Who can ignore Trafalgar Square? With its lions, statues, especially the imposing Nelsons Column and superb fountains, tourists are drawn to meet and loiter here. I particularly love the Fourth Plinth. It was originally built in 1814 to hold a statue of William IV. Empty coffers meant that never happened. Now 150 years later it displays a new artwork every year by world class artists. This year (2016) it has David Shrigley’s giant hand in a (elongated) thumbs-up gesture. Royal history abounds from the Tower of London, home of the crown jewels as well as some unpalatable history, which sits majestically on the North Bank of the Thames, while Buckingham Palace with its quirky army of Beefeaters is especially entertaining during the changing of the guards. A walk on South Bank along the Thames is particularly joyful. The London Eye is its most famous landmark, but there’s also a sensational Sea Life Aquarium, National Theatre, Old Vic and its Southbank centre simply oozes art and culture especially its Festival Hall. There’s also the sizzling party (and at times seedy) vibe of Leicester Square at night. Get there when there’s a film premier and pick up some celebrity signatures – they love to mingle with fans at this time – a London tradition.

What do you guys think? What is the purpose here? What is the tone?



  1. This is a lovely piece of travel writing and I enjoyed finding out more about London. In this extract there is quite a lot of listing and just letting you know what is around. The right to seems to have quite a relaxed tone and seems excited about what a around her.

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  2. This is travel writing and uses a list to describe all the features that attract people to the area, making you want to travel there. The purpose is to inform and in a way persuade you to go there too. There is a lot of imagery in the passage, for example, mentioning the Big Ben because it is a famous monument that people all over the world will immediately picture. The amount of features, like statues, makes the place seem even more interesting and historic.

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